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WebRing Announces... Review WebRing and Raise Awareness
This month, we are encouraging members to review some aspect of WebRing. Share your enthusiasm for the world of WebRings to help raise the online world's awareness of WebRing.

What Should You Review?
You can review anything within the realm of WebRing. This can include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Specific rings
  • Benefits of joining/creating a ring
  • Connections made with other members
  • Webspace, Publisher, and blogs
  • Perks of premium membership
Basically, write about whatever strikes your fancy and will inspire a positive review of WebRing!

What Should Your Review Include?
Here are a few things you might consider including in your post:

  • Your personal join link. Find the link on your Profile Settings page.
  • Link to the ring you're referencing (if applicable).
  • Stats (to back up any increase of traffic you might declare in the post).
  • Link to the WebRing homepage.

Where Should You Post Your Review?
Ideally, you would post your positive review of WebRing on a blog. You can also dedicate a page of your site to the review. You can post to your WebRing blog or a Webpace page, but we will not award points for it. The purpose is to spread the word about WebRing off-site.

Submit Your Review for AP & Further Promotion
We want to thank you for writing a great review of WebRing; we just need to know where it is so we can review and approve it.

To submit your review, visit the Review Submission page here.

We will review all submitted positive reviews of WebRing and award 100-2000 Activity Points, depending on length, quality and prominence of the review. Plus, all approved reviews will appear on the What's New page of WebRing, with a link back to your post.

New WebRing Feature
Share Rings & Pages   
Does writing a review seem like too daunting of a task? This past month, we made it easy for you to spread the word about WebRing when we added the AddThis button to nearly every page of WebRing.

Simply click the AddThis button anywhere you find it to share the page or ring you're currently on.

Within two quick clicks, you can share the ring or page with nearly 300 different social networks and media sites like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Digg.

Ring Building Tips
RMs Check Your Rings for "Attack" Sites
We've received quite a few reports of dangerous or malicious sites appearing in rings. In some cases, the sites were unscrupulously reported as an infected site by a rival. In many more cases, the sites have actually been hacked... and the owner doesn't know it!

Ring Managers: We request that you spend some time visiting every site that is listed in your rings to ensure that they are not generating the "suspected attack site" warning page.

If you encounter a "dangerous" site, you should do the following:

  1. Suspend the site.
  2. Contact the member to let them know why they've been suspended. They probably have no idea that their site has been hacked.
In suspending suspected attack sites, you will keep them from appearing on your ring's site list. The end result is that your ring will no longer be associated with "dangerous" sites and should perform much better in search engine results.
Coming Soon to WebRing
Within the next couple weeks we'll have an exciting new feature to enhance any ring — Contribute! We'll share more once it's ready, but for now we'll leave you with this teaser: Contribute! means great member-generated content for your ring's hub page.
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