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Points For People

At a time of year when people of many cultures all over the globe are celebrating, many other people are struggling to merely survive. Haitians are battling cholera after surviving a horrendous earthquake. Pakistanis are seeking shelter and food after devastating floods hit their country. In neighborhoods not far from where you or I live, children are hungry and many people lack even the basic necessities of life.

We'd like to invite you to join us in giving what we can to help those in need and we have set up an easy way for you to do it!

Points For People

World of Widgets
Feed Track Widget
We have a fun new widget for you to add to your websites, Feed Track! Better than a counter, Feed Track shows you and your visitors who has been to the site recently, where they are from and what page they viewed.

Feed Track is part of your widgets selections, found on your My Account toolbar. A live example can be seen on Points For People.

Go get yours going today!

Don't Forget....Tutorials

We recently introduced two simple, illustrated tutorials:

Now we want more, and we will pay you to create them!
Think you might be up to the task?
Go see the list of Open Tutorials
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