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A note about WebRing and Privacy

The data collection and use policies and practices by the Ring members and RingMasters on their respective web pages are not subject to the Privacy Policy.

If you are visiting a Ring member page with a WebRing navigation bar present, certain visitor information is automatically transmitted by your browser to WebRing, but is not logged or stored on our system. It is not WebRing's practice to track visitor activity on any WebRing member page. If you navigate to other Ring member pages using Ring navigation tools (either the WebRing navigation bar or other existing navigation tools on older Rings) WebRing records the navigation events. WebRing does not collect or record any personally identifiable information about the users who are navigating these Ring member pages.

For information about how WebRing treats personal information please see the WebRing Privacy Policy.

NOTICE: Click here for important information about safe surfing from the Federal Trade Commission.


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