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You're here, so by now you must know that things are changing. The biggest change of all is that WebRing has separated itself from Yahoo!

We feel that this is great news for all WebRing users. Our top priority is to re-introduce a number of features that existed previously that were stripped from the Yahoo! version of the system. Also, we'll be bringing more features online just as quickly as possible. Some of these improvements have been waiting for more than two years! Here's a brief list of some of the changes already in place:

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RingManager Changes

  • RingManager can now see and test the status of navigation code on pending member submissions.
  • RingManager can also edit the site title, description, and url of member entries. You cannot edit personal information for a member, but you can fix errors and omissions much more efficiently now.
  • RingManager can create a fully customized "Join" page OR have the system point to a WebRing "home" page offsite when users attempt to join the ring. Either way, you now have much more control over what users must review before joining your ring.
  • RingManager can fully customize the following emails the system sends on your behalf:
    • Approval
    • Denial
    • Suspension
    • Activation
    • Deletion
    We'll add others soon.
  • RingManager can fully customize the navigation code. We call it navigation code because it can be used either as a SSNB or as html - the way html fragments used to be handled. It's the choice of each user, ringManager and Member alike, as to which to use. We're sure there are valid reasons for both. The important thing is that the RingManager can customize it and provide that customized navigation code to their users in a convenient manner.
  • RingManager can also view a members SSNB code, including the infamous "U#" so that they can more easily assist members in addition navigation code to their web site.
  • Some Global settings have been added/returned. A ring can be included in the directory or not, and new windows can be selected for management screens.

Site Owner Changes

Not much has changed for site owners yet. We've given first priority to RingManager because they were the most restricted in the Yahoo! version of WebRing. Some of the smaller changes you may notice, however, are:
  • My rings - This page layout has changed. It may well change more in the near future. We're trying to make it easier to manage your web site(s) (the various urls you have registered with WebRing) and the ring memberships you have. For those that use the SSNB we're trying to make it easier to manage your rings, sites and SSNB "stacks". This includes:
    • Ordering,
    • Splitting,
    • Merging, and
    • Making global changes.
    These are just some of the things we'd like to help you with.
  • Site settings - We've made it so that you can view the results of the system "checker" to determine if your navigation code is properly placed on your web site.

General Changes

Some of the things that are changing for everyone:
  • Support - We're developing a much more comprehensive online help system.
  • Support - We're also going to respond as quickly as possible when you can't solve your own problems.
We hope you find these improvements useful! As always, we appreciate your feedback. Please send any comments, suggestions, or questions to: support@webring-inc.com.

The WebRing Team

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