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Welcome to WebRing un-yahoo. While we still have a few weeks left for ring manager's (and members) to migrate we are almost finished with the process. That will be a very good day indeed since then all the old webring.com and webring.org urls will once again link directly to this site!

We hope the change has been a positive one, even if a little awkward, for most of you. Some of the additional features we have introduced since launch should make managing your sites and rings a little bit easier:

  • You can recategorize your ring now. Find this in Global Settings.
  • We've added Keywords and a content maturity rating to Global Settings as well.
  • You can rename your ring. This is a link in ring Management.
  • You can customize (most of) the emails that go out. We'll try to get links to customize the others available soon. We have recently added Help pages outlining some of the system "tags" you can use in your email forms as well. Just click on help while on the email screen itself.
  • You can now customize the application email that gets sent when someone applies to your ring. This is under Join Settings.
  • You can customize the SSNB and/or html navigation code your members use.
  • You can establish a user "profile". This is very useful for ring managers who would like to provide instructions to potential members in addition to, or in place of, a contact email address. Don't worry, member can still contact you, if nneded, via the "Contact ring manager" link on their site Management page(s).
  • You can construct a custom Join preface page to provide greater join instructions to new members.
  • Adult content rings and categories have been partitioned off so that only those with authorization can access them. Your authorization, if applicable, is set through your Account Settings page.
  • Some ring and site stats are available, and more will be coming soon.
  • We have added the ability to split and join SSNB stacks. For those of you with many sites, or if you experienced "stack splitting" under the yahoo system, this should prove useful.
  • The site "checker" is running now. It has been improved over the yahoo version and will be improved further as soon as possible. Auto-management is not yet turned on, we still want to wait a little longer for the migration period to end before enabling it. We feel it will avoid a lot of confusion doing this.
  • To assist in checking sites we have added details of the most recent check/test on the site Maintenance screen (access from Manage Members or Process New Submissions and use the edit link).
  • Also, there are additional list buttons in Manage Members. Passes shows suspended sites whose navbar tests as Pass. Failed shows active sites that failed the most recent check.

New Initiatives

Without going into great detail here, we are beginning to make progress on some new projects, and enhancing some existing features. We expect to do more with
  • Help pages,
  • Support,
  • Stats,
  • SSNB management,
  • ring manager homepages,
  • Site "promotion",
  • Continued enhancements to emails,
  • Adoption of abandoned rings,
  • Improved User/ring manager/Member communication tools,
  • and more.

Supporting WebRing

We would like to stress at this time that WebRing is a community and we are doing our best to keep it that way. We feel that the best way to grow and support the community is to work with you, the community, to ensure that your needs and wishes are the topmost priority.

In order to meet this objective we are asking, humbly, for your assistance. Basic system costs are not small: Buying and operating many servers and paying for bandwidth is a monthly expense. We're putting our effort and great deal of time into WebRINg. A small contribution from each member can give us the resources we need in order to improve support and allow us to improve the service we provide to you. Here are some of the ways in which your support would be used:

  • Give you back in promotion credit what you contribute to us: We will credit your account with any contributions and allow you to use that credit to promote your ring, site or whatever else you would like to promote throughout the WebRing site. Many of you run commercial sites and already pay to support your site. Directly promoting your site and/or business on WebRing's pages is one way to improve the traffic to your site or ring. Giving small sites, with limited budgets, an opportunity to advertise on a large site like WebRing is something most other sites won't consider, and can't accomodate. We believe your promotions will have much greater appeal, at a lower cost, than the mass market banners, popups, popunders, etc. that are used by mainstream advertisers. We'd like to see them mostly replaced, used mainly to help keep your costs down.
  • Develop tools to allow you to directly benefit from any advertising revenues your ring's pages produce. We'll give you the ability to run promotions of your own, at a discounted rate to other advertisers, on your WebRing pages, directory and search pages, allowing you to keep any proceeds exceeding system costs.
  • Allow you to "un-advertise". Many people would rather not be bothered with ads at all, and have no need or wish to promote their sites/Rings further. We'll allow you to block either ads on your ring's Hub page, or on any page you vist while logged in to WebRing. You, in essence, can have an ad-free service.
  • Promote WebRing on other parts of the Interenet. By pooling resources we can promote WebRing elsewhere and increase traffic accordingly. We have already secured a sizeable promotional campaign which will begin shortly after the migration period ends.
  • Continue enhancing the system. Obviously, a better system is in everyone's interest, and will keep WebRing growing and bringing more content and traffic to you and other users. All of the projects outlined above will be aided by support from the community, you.
  • Pay for existing hardware and bandwidth, and add new as needed.
If you value WebRing and feel you can benefit from an even better system, then we ask for your assistance. If this does not appeal to you then you may ignore this request. We'll still offer the best service and support whether you contribute or not. Interested in supporting WebRing? Use

Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Discover
or use the link below to contribute using PayPal.
 OR, if you prefer you can send a check or money order to:
WebRing Inc.
1257 Siskiyou Blvd, #1153
Ashland, OR 97520

Migration Details

As many of you have noticed, and inquired about, the old webring.org domain names still link to the Yahoo system. This will be true until the migration period is over.

The migration period is scheduled to last 90 days, which would mean that it should end sometime after January 1, 2002. If migration appears complete before then we have the option of stopping earlier, but we would like to give everyone a chance to migrate rather than lose information they would then have to recreate.

Migration is much more important for ring managers than it is for site owners. The reason for this is that ring managers have the ability to "assign" a site to a member. Thus, site owners who fail to migrate will still have the opportunity to do so, with their ring manager's assistance, after the official migration period ends.

In any case, once the migration period ends then ALL links that currently go to Yahoo! WebRing will be redirected to this site. This should ease some of the confusion and bring a measurable increase in traffic as well.

Problem Reports

The launch of this new system, which involved a near complete rewrite of all code and which was "hampered" by certain restrictions/requirements, has gone quite well. But, as with most new initiatives there have been some problems. We've been working hard to resolve each, and to respond to every request posted to support. Thank you for being patient and for posting your problems, they do help us resolve them for others as well.

You can continue to refer to the trouble and "fix" links on the front page of the system. We'll try to keep this up to date as we move ahead.

Help System

We are adding pages to the help system daily. Hopefully these will begin to provide (more) useful answers to some of your questions and problems.

The WebRing Team

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