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Member Program Transition

Important information for existing members.

You don't need to choose any membership level ever. We're hoping you will choose to join us in building a much better WebRing than exists today by becoming a WebRing 2.0 member.

What happens if I stay a free WebRing 1.0 member?
Nothing. You can keep all the Ring Communities and memberships you currently have. There are no limits on quantity, other than we will limit the number of Ring Community memberships to 50 per site you have registered (URL). If you currently have more than 50 for one or more URLs, that's fine. You can keep them. But you won't be able to add any more for those URLs. This is true for both WebRing 1.0 and WebRing 2.0 members.

Ring Communities you already manage will remain unaffected as well. You can keep all you have and create more if you desire. All exisiting customization links/options will be left intact on existing Ring Communities. Only new Ring Communities you create will be limited to WebRing 1.0 options if you remain a WebRing 1.0 member.

If you have not already done so you should read and compare the two membership options.

What if I was a "premium level 1" or "premium level 2" member?
If you had previously selected a level 1 membership your account will be reverted to WebRing 1.0. We have not charged any accounts yet, so any money you sent us is still a credit in your account. If you wish to have that refunded to you, you can through the normal process available through the Help/Support system.

If you had prevously selected a level 2 membership your account will be converted to WebRing 2.0. But you can revert the account to WebRing 1.0 if you wish, and receive a refund if that is your desire.

Why choose a WebRing 2.0 Membership now?
We're building a better WebRing system, and the cornerstone of that system will be our WebRing 2.0 members. You can read more about the vision we have for WebRing here.

Here's how you can benefit NOW by becoming a Webring 2.0 member:

  • If you upgrade to a WebRing 2.0 Membership now through January 15, 2007, you'll receive a discounted 1st annual payment:
    • WebRing 2.0 Membership will be $36.00, but during this time is only $24.00. You save $12.00.

    The annual fee is prorated over the entire year, and charged against your account on a daily basis. This means a WebRing 2.0 Membership costs less than 10 cents per day (less than 7 cents if you take advantage of the introductory offer!).

    Since we bill your account daily you are not required to pay the entire fee up front. This means you can "pay as you go" — earning the amount to pay for membership through the WebRing Affiliate Program, Feature Sites, and Hub Page Advertising options for ring managers. Check out the details here.

  • You can start benefiting from the increased payouts we offer through our Affiliate Program.

  • Sign up now and WebRing will waive the reserve amount required until after January 15, 2007. Read below for reserve details.

Account Reserves
WebRing requires that WebRing 2.0 memberships have a positive balance so that payouts and deductions can be prorated on a daily basis. Each account must maintain a 30 day reserve and have an initial balance of $9.00, and maintain a balance above $3.00.

Sign up now and WebRing will waive the reserve amount required until after January 15, 2007.

Many of you have managed a large number of rings for a long time. You are experienced and are our best managers. We want these new programs to work for you! If you have questions or concerns please contact us at

Program Policies
If your account gets low and threatens to fall below the 30 day reserve, you will be emailed weekly as a reminder to top up your account.

If your account balance falls to $0.00 your membership will change to FREE status.

How do I pay for this?
You can make money with the new WebRing Affiliate Program! Enjoy the benefits that a WebRing 2.0 Membership offers, at no additional cost to you! Use the money you make to pay for your WebRing 2.0 Membership.

Or, pay directly.


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