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Create a ring and become a ring Manager!
Creating a ring on WebRing is easy! Just follow the 3 steps in the Create a ring instructions. Once you have created your ring, you are a ring Manager. Below is an overview of ring Manager responsibilities:

· Ring Managers control the look and feel of the ring. Personalize ring settings, navigation bar, ring image, and more!
· Ring Managers can manage their ring. Invite others to join, approve or deny new site submissions.
· Drive traffic to your site. Categorize your ring in the WebRing directory.

Some useful tips and information

A ring is a collection of websites linked together with "navigation code." This code enables visitors to easily navigate from site to site in the ring, thus forming a little community of related websites.

If you've never belonged to a ring before, you may want to consider joining an existing ring before creating one of your own. This will give you valuable experience in what a ring is all about with the added resposibilities of managing a ring.

For the ring to work effectively as a ring you need to keep certain things in mind:

  • You need more than one site for it to really be a "Ring". If you have several distinct webpages of your own you can register each as a separate site in the ring. You can also find similar websites on the Internet and invite the owner to join your ring. Both are OK, the latter is better in the long run as it will draw more people to your site and build a community of individuals outside yourself.
  • Each site must have proper navigation code for the ring to work. The code is easy to place and once placed never has to be changed unless the website moves to a different URL (even then it may not have to be changed).
  • Navigation code should be in a prominent place on the website. This makes navigating the ring easy for visitors, and will draw random visitors into the ring. Once they see the value of the ring they are much more likely to return later. Thus, you should encourage your members to place their navigation code on the same page as their content. Your ring will do far better if they do.
  • A good manager manages the ring on a regular basis. Whether new members are joining or not, things can change in your ring: Existing sites might need help, start failing (if for example their URL changes), etc.
Once your ring is created and you begin getting new members there are many additional things you can do to promote your ring and make it more inviting to visitors. So, get started and grow your skills as your community grows!
We're sorry, but according to our records you are not yet qualified to start a ring of your own. In order to be qualified you must have at least one active site membership in an existing ring, and have correct/working navigation code for the site.

We encourage you to join an existing ring first so you have some better understanding of just what it takes to manage a ring successfully, before starting your own ring. There are several general purpose rings that you might consider joining. These rings specialize in assisting new users learn the ins and outs of WebRing. Here are a few (you are also encouraged to search for rings that relate to your interests as well):
My First WebRing
The Original WebRing

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